History of Framingham Airport 1929-1946 : by Wally Smith

Wallace L Smith (1929-2008) of Southville, Southborough, Massachusetts and Port Orange, Florida compiled a scrapbook of images and information about Framingham Airport circa 1929-1946. He also wrote a 17 page type written history of Framingham Airport.

This exhibit shares Mr. Smith's scrapbook pages full of photographs and his 17 page type written Framingham Airport History.

According to Mr. Smith, at one time Framingham had two airports operating concurrently. Beginning in the Spring of 1929, a group of citizens proposed the town's purchase of the State-owned Musterfield for use as a municipal airport. At the same time, another citizen proposed the Gould Farm on Western Avenue as a much superior location for an airport.

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History of Framingham Airport 1929-1946