John C. Stiles : Boston Airport Collection 1925-1931

This exhibit features photographs from "Album Two" of the "John C. Stiles Aviation Pictures of The Boston Airport Collection from January 1, 1925 to 1931 starting with Colonial Air Transport".

John Stiles of Stoughton, MA photographed and compiled the album in July 1973 using the original negatives. Each Record section in the exhibit showcases photographs from the corresponding page of the photograph album as assembled by Mr. Stiles. Most photographs included a description, aiding with identification. Albums One and Three are not in the possession of this Museum.

John Cyrus Stiles (1907-2000), a pilot and commercial photographer, worked as a dispatcher and operations clerk for Colonial Air Transport at East Boston Airport. He later operated a photo studio in Stoughton, MA known as Fotakraft.

Highlights from this photograph collection include Colonial Air Transport, the people of East Boston Airport, aircraft and buildings associated with East Boston Airport, Ruth Elder, Admiral Richard Byrd, the Goodyear Blimp and Pan American Airways "The Everglades".

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John C. Stiles